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Visit to Elche Seniors

On Monday, King’s Infant School Elche pupils visited Elche Seniors to bring Christmas joy to the third-age residents. Nursery, Reception, Year 1, 2 and 3 sang Christmas songs and sat down for a conversation. This visit is now a tradition for our pupils who love to share time with the residents of Elche seniors at Christmas and Easter. We look forward to our next holiday celebration together.

Christmas Shows

Lights, camera, action! Our pupils have been rehearsing their lines and choreographies in preparation for the sold out performances of “A Christmas Concert” by Pre-Nursery and Nursery classes and “A Christmas Recipe” by Reception, Year 1-2 and Year 3.
“A Christmas Concert” includes the standout number-one hits I’m a Little Star, We All Clap Hands Together and Burrito Sabanero.
“A Christmas Recipe” shares the ingredients for the perfect Christmas:
  • Father Christmas
  • A healthy serving of presents
  • Two robins
  • A sprinkle of snowflakes
  • Donkey
  • Shepherds and angles
  • Baby Jesus
We hope you all enjoy the shows as much as we enjoyed rehearsing together. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

School Council 2019/20

Votes are in. Tension is high. Weeks of rallying campaigns come down to this announcement. And the members of the school council for King’s Infant School Elche 2019/2020 are… silence falls… very happy to represent their classes and contribute to improve our school. And now, the democratic election has chosen… indistinct murmurs fill the room… passionate members of our school community. The names of the elected pupils are… on the school councillor’s display for all to see. Tell us!
Teo, from Green Class, will be our youngest counsellor. Luca and Carmen will represent Yellow Class. Gabriel and Valentina proudly stand for Orange Class. Miki, from red class, will be the deputy head to Vasilisa, red class, who will be the Head Child.
We look forward to their ideas and proposals.

The Importance of Sand and Water Play in EYFS

A world of possibilities awaits in a deceptively simple sand and water tray: Our youngest pupils enjoy sensory exploration with hand’s on materials, mathematical learning about quantities and volume when filling up and buckets, scientific concepts with the states of water, language development during pretend play and creativity during their experiments and creations. By exploring together, sharing their discoveries and taking turns pupils also develop important social skills with their classmates.
All this and more while developing their fine motor skills like those necessary to use a small shovel, spade and bucket and build a castle or defrost a frozen toy.

2D and 3D Shapes

 We have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes at school. From shape searching walks around the school in Nursery and Reception to elaborate constructions in Year 1 and 2, where pupils were tasked with scientifically tracking the number and type of shapes that composed their creations. Just like architects and good engineers, we drew our plans on paper before assembling our 3D and 2D shapes.

In addition, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils created a digital register on the iPads of the shapes in the school which they will put together to make a picture book with a description about the type and quantity of shapes in each photo.

Golden Ticket

In KISE we appreciate and promote the good behaviour. 

Therefore we have introduced golden tickets. Each day one pupil per class will be rewarded for their good behaviour after lunch time with one of these amazing golden tickets in which they need to write their names and then put them inside the golden box. Winners of the golden tickets competition may eat lunch at the golden table.

Trip to Busot Caves

A page from the diary of a Year 3 pupil: “On a Wednesday we went on a trip. I was very excited. We tool a taxi that took us to Alicante. I met some old friends the day that I tried Alicante. I was very happy we went in a little group, then we went on a bus. It was a long trip but at the end we got there, we had out snack. When we finished we went to the cave […] I illuminated a rock and found crystal.
When we got out of the cave we went on the bus. We got to a sport centre and played football with Yacov and Leshui. Then we had our lunch, again we went on the bus. We went back to Alicante and got the taxi back to Elche and went to assembly, then I went back home”

Trip to the Fire Station

Our pupils from Year 1 and Year 2 were really excited to visit Elche’s Fire Station and meet the firefighters who showed us their fire trucks and how they extinguish fires, related to our classroom topic “The Great Fire of London” that we have been learning about through the diary of Samuel Pepys. The firefighters showed us all the different areas of the fire station, the fire truck garage, gym, radio tower and resting areas as they explained that they work in shifts of 24 hours to always be available in case they are needed.
The Firemen also taught us what we have to do if we see a fire and how to let the firemen know where we are for them to rescue us. Keep calm and call 112.

Pumpkin carving

It was amazing to see so many creations for our pumpkin carving competition at KISE. There were pumpkins that that looked like pirates, surgeons, witches, clowns, skeletons and even a cat in a hat. The children were very proud and the staff were very impressed.
The highlight was seeing the children in Nursery’s new ‘Witch’s Kitchen’ role-play area, lots of language and turn taking was taking place which was fantastic. It was wonderful to see the children in their costumes, a nice way to end their Halloween activities.

Year 3's Digital Stories

After working on the story Stone Age Child, pupils in Year 3 have written their own creative stories to showcase their knowledge of adjectives, connectives and verbs in the past tenses that they have been learning about in class.
During this week we are going to perform a magic trick and independently transform our stories into online books including illustrations, advancing ICT skills in the process.
Their creations will soon be ready to be published.

Special PE Lesson

During a special PE lesson at King’s Infant School Elche our Year 1 and Year 2 pupils enjoyed a golf lesson courtesy of Escuela de Golf Elche, who we have partnered up with to promote golf as a sport for children.
We hope to grasp the essentials during the next special lessons while we look forward to visiting the golf course to show off everything we have learned.
Feet in line, check, straight back, check, head up, check, good back swing, check, and... FORE!

Samuel Pepys' Diary

While KISE pupils were in Spanish Class, Mr Hickman told everyone that Samuel Pepys’ diary had been stolen and that the police needed the school’s help to decipher the message that Samuel Pepys wrote in 1666.
With a photo of the thief, the pupils told Mr Williams to be alert and to not let strangers into the school. In groups the pupils then started to decipher the code to send it to the police as soon as possible.
Will they be able to find the thief and retrieve Samuel Pepys’ diary?

Creative Writing

In Creative Writing, pupils have been practising asking questions and using question marks by putting learning into practice by asking Beegu, main character of our core text this week, questions about his adventures and his likes and dislikes, especially ‘Do you like....?’ to practice using question marks in our writing. We even had a turn of pretending to be Beegu ourselves to answer each other’s questions and learn more about Beegu. It’s funny how Beegu likes the same things the pupils at KISE like!

PSHE Class

In PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education)   pupils have been learning about how we are each unique and special in different ways, that we are a part of a class, and that we can work as a team. To show this, pupils have been creating a picture as a class where individually designed puzzle pieces have been fit together. Joining our individual abilities together to create something even bigger and better

Welcome Meetings 2019

Vuelta al Cole. King’s Infant School Elche welcomes the new academic year with our initial parent meetings to share details about what and how the children will be learning this year. Parents learnt about the daily routines, snack time, child initiated learning, adult lead learning, core texts, lunchtime in the dining room, gross and fine motor skills and appraisal through dojo points and “Star of the Week” certificates awarded during class assemblies. Parents are able to follow the learning inside the classroom thanks to the class stories published on class dojo in addition to the weekly newsletters.

Early Years ‘Stay and Play’

Early Years parents from Pre-nursery, Nursery and Reception were able to spend some time in class and on the school playground during the latest 'Stay and Play' session where to experience how the children learn every day. Carpet time, child initiate activities, adult lead activities Mid kitchen, water tray, sand tray, music area, role-play area, construction area, mark making area, nature area and much, much more. Our pupils learn through play, curiosity and exploration.

Friday Assembly

We celebrated a special Friday assembly to award achievement certificates to outstanding pupils during this week. María from Pre-Nursery was awarded ‘Star of the week’ for being so happy and always wearing a smile on her face. Yi Chen from Nursery achieved his award for sitting beautifully on the carpet and listening attentively. Elena from Reception is the ‘Star of the week’ for asking fantastic questions for the survey in KS1 and Kseniia from Year 2 proudly showed her certificate to her friends for working really hard on her English and Maths. Our pastoral care provides support and understanding as children progress through the school and meet new challenges. Values such as compassion, respect and friendliness are an integral part of the school’s ethos.

Trip to the farm

On Thursday, 23rd May, KISE pupils visited Granja Escuela La Loma where they enjoyed a bread-making activity, went on a tractor ride were able to see, feed and even stroke the farm animals. They really enjoyed seeing and interacting with the goats before meeting Thumper the rabbit who was a gentleman and let the children pet him and feel his fluffy fur. It was a fun way of experiencing a day in a farmer’s life by taking care of the crops and the animals. One of the most enjoyable activities was the party time farm at the disco, where everyone sang some Spanish and English farming songs and danced and played together.

A Week in Year 1 and 2

In English, Orange class have been planning their own versions of the Enormous Turnip, changing the characters in the story and the object that becomes bigger and bigger, learning about using apostrophes for contractions and for possession.
In Maths, Year 1 have been doing lots of work on addition and subtraction, using number lines and hundred squares to help. Year 2 have been working on halving and doubling numbers, using partitioning to help, also looking at different methods that can be used to add and subtract.
In Science, pupils have been learning about healthy eating, thinking about which foods are good for us, and which foods people shouldn’t eat in excess, while also learning about the importance of exercise to keep us healthy. And in Geography, the class learnt about maps and what key features they have. 

Sports Day

Pupils at KISE enjoyed a competitive Sports Day at school. Ready, set, go! On a sunny day in May everyone took part in relay races, obstacle courses, and bean bag and hula hoop throwing amongst other playful events. The children had great time competing for their teams and cheering for each other. Team work was the key to victory for each event, pupils had to work together to be the first ones to complete each task. Most importantly we all had fun which made everyone feel like a winner. The main message of Sports Day is that taking part, with your friends at school, is what really counts. 

Easter Bonnet Parade

At Easter let your clothes be new or else be sure you will it rue. Following tradition KISE pupils wore their new handmade hats at Easter. There were bunnies, baby chicks, colourful eggs, butterflies, rabbit ears, flowers, feathers and even rainbows decorating Easter bonnets. To top things off everybody joined in the Easter bonnet parade with a little music and dancing to show off their marvellous creations. Pupils were very excited for Easter and really enjoyed this special time of the year at school.

Growing beans

Seeds, water and a bit of sun are the magic ingredients we have used to grow our beans into plants. Patience was required however slowly but surely the stems and roots started to grow in front of our eyes. The next step was to carefully place the new plants in plant pots with soil for them to continue to grow. Our reception pupils worked on their observation and writing skills by creating a display with the steps we followed to grow our plants in addition to a proud photograph of the results. We certainly have some green fingers in class who are very keen to continue to plant and water the plants in the patio.

Pancake Day

Flour, eggs, milk, butter, a pinch of salt. Our pupils had a lot of fun making pancakes with Mrs Currie who has certainly inspired pupils to think about how food is made and where we eat every day. It can be almost like magic when you take simple ingredients and mix them together to create a delicious place of food. It may look like hard work to mix, measure and cook the ingredients but it is certainly worth it when you can enjoy a pancake or two after.

Extreme Reading Challenge

We challenged our pupils to show us the most creative and unusual places you can read a book, however we highlighted the importance of staying safe and always having an adult supervise. We received amazing pictures of pupils reading up a tree, on the roof of a car, during Judo class, while cooking in the kitchen, doing the ironing, and even while jumping on a trampoline. As it is with competitions there can only be three winners, who each won a book as a prize: Sofia from Year 2 for reading while doing the splits, Valentina from Reception and Gonzalo from Pre-Nursery for reading while doing a handstand and Carmen from Nursery for reading in the park. Thank you to all who participated in the Extreme Reading Challenge.

Three Little Pigs

Our EYFS pupils continue to learn though exciting and immersive activities linked to our core texts. Our Nursery class have been reading ‘Three Little Pigs’ before acting out the different scenes of the book. The pupils even built the house of bricks to try to keep out the big bad wolf I will not let you in, not by the hairs on my chinny chin chin! Fantastic language, role-play, mark-making and creating occurring both inside and outside the classroom. 

Sports Experience Day

Our Reception and Y1-2 classes had a great school trip to the local Club Deportivo Squash to practise a range of new sports in a fun way. Having fun while exercising is the key to a healthier life which we try to embrace through our PE lessons at school. This trip has been a great launch to our ‘Healthy Me’ PSHE topic with which our pupils learn all about how the human body works and how to stay healthy. It is important not only to eat healthy, but to also live an active lifestyle.

Time Capsule Event

KISE pupils from all classes have thought about the things they would like to include in the time capsule that has been buried in the garden to be opened in 25 years time on the 75th anniversary of King’s Group. The children have included photos of the school and of the activities we have done and a letter for the future generations of the school along with items they believe may be obsolete in 25 years time, such as scissors (we may cut with lasers!), glue, a phone, a plastic bottle, and a memory stick. Our school council was very interested to see how things have changed at King's College Schools over the last 50 years. Black and white photos of even of our own head teacher back in his days as a pupil. Our school counsellors also help bury the time capsule in the garden.

Chinese New Year

Every February we learn more about the Chinese culture while celebrating the Chinese New Year. We marked this special day by dressing in red, we made lanterns and dragons to decorate the halls and learnt about the year of the pig and the many traditions to welcome the new year with good luck and prosperity. Some on our Chinese pupils even shared their own traditions with the rest of the class.

Celebration assemblies

Pupils are presented with their celebration certificates for their outstanding behaviour and learning at school. During our recent assembly our Star of the Week in Pre-Nursery was awarded a certificate for the amazing amount of English spoken in class. Nursery’s star was awarded a certificate for writing their name while Reception’s certificate went to the pupil with the most Class Dojo points for the week. Last but not least, Year 1 and Year 2’s star of the week incredibly achieved 10 out of 10 on spellings for the last 4 weeks!


Eco Walks

During our latest KISE School Council meeting, composed of the elected representatives of Year 1 and Year 2, counsellors expressed their desire to raise awareness regarding environmental issues. Chosen “Eco Warriors” will now start performing Eco Walks to check that the school is being environmentally friendly: Ensuring lights and screens are turned off when not being used, scrap paper being reused or recycled, doors are closed to keep classrooms warm with the heating during the winter and fighting against single use plastic that would pollute the oceans of the Earth are amongst the different aspects our Eco Warriors will be on the lookout for. Let’s all do our part for the environment.

Peace day

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world” - Mahatma Gandhi. Our pupils have been exploring the concept of peace through different classroom activities. Nursery and Reception have joined efforts to create a peace mural to decorate the school. Pre-Nursery has been busy creating and decorating doves that are “flying” around the school and Year 1 and Year 2 have created their own peace books with their thoughts on peace on Earth. We have reinforced the importance of respect, sharing, helping others in need and living together in harmony.


Talk for Writing

A large focus of the teaching and learning in our school is developing children’s spoken English and fostering a love of books, stories and rhymes.

This begins in pre-nursery where there is a ‘core song’ each fortnight which the children learn to sing, dance and perform actions to. They also complete other artwork and indoor and outdoor play linked to their core song. This month the songs were: “If you’re happy and you know it” and “Incy Wincy Spider.”

In nursery, the focus text has been “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” with lots of fantastic vocabulary developing as the children went on their very own bear hunt in the school grounds.

In Reception, following the “Funnybones” story to coincide with Halloween, the children moved on to “Aliens love underpants” which has linked with their knowledge of space as well as providing lots of cross-curricular learning across all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage linked to colours, counting, reading and writing (about aliens and underpants!)

Finally, in Years 1 and 2, the core text has been a non-fiction one and the children have been busy researching, speaking and writing about nocturnal animals, before producing their own information booklets about their chosen animal.

All examples of can be found on display around our school - why not take a look?

Celebrating Differences

Our Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) topic for this half of term is ‘Celebrating Differences’. The children in King’s Infant School, Elche have been learning about how we are all different and unique and how important that is to celebrate and respect differences in how we all look, speak, our beliefs, our hobbies and our skills.

The children have also been taught the importance of teamwork, as well as how they must show respect and kindness to everyone and how each class can work together to achieve great things by drawing on everyone’s individuality and their personal skills.

Rather than talk about ‘anti-bullying’, we have instead focussed on ‘Kindness’ with children taught about how important it is to use kind words and kind actions to each other.



Children in King’s Infant School, Elche were taught about the Hindu festival of Diwali which is celebrated by Hindus across the world to celebrate the Hindu new year. Also known as ‘the festival of light’ the bright and colourful festival is a sight to behold!

The children from pre-nursery to Year 2 made their own version of diva lamps (from paper plates or clay) which they decorated in bright colours and sparkles. The children also created rangoli patterns from a range of media.



There were ghosts, vampires, skeletons and lots of witches seen in the classes of King’s Infant School Elche to mark Halloween! The children dressed-up and participated in lots of fun Halloween craft activities, as well as Halloween songs, dancing and an afternoon Halloween party with some treats (and a few tricks!)

Mental Health and Well-Being Day

On Wednesday 10th October, the children at KISE participated in lots of sensory activities and messy play and held circle time sessions focussing on developing their awareness of their own feelings. The children enjoyed hand-painting, foot-printing and making art with melted chocolate! Our focus on children’s feelings, mental health and well-being will continue throughout the year as part of our weekly Personal, Social and Health Education lessons.

School Council

The first School Council has been elected at King’s Infant School Elche (KISE). The children voted for their council representatives and the children in Years 1 and 2 who were elected are very keen to hold their first meeting and to make some positive changes to their school. Already, the children have started ‘Playground Monitors’ to ensure the children are playing safely and using the equipment and climbing frame properly.

The School Council will also be responsible for fundraising and deciding which charities they want KISE to support throughout the year.