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Stay and Play Picnic

What a nice way to celebrate the end of the school year together at KISE. Parents, pupils, teachers, the whole school joined together to have a picnic in our patio. We danced to the music, chased the bubbles, played water games and enjoyed one of the last days of the term. A big thank you the all the parents who were able to attend. It has been a fantastic first year for the school.

Wet and wild

This June we have enjoyed the lovely weather with fun water activities. We all had a great time splashing and playing with the water in the sun.  Water pistols, water balloons and lots of toys to splash water everywhere. What a great time in the sun, we even got a tan!

Royal Wedding

Royal celebrations at KISE in honour of the Royal Wedding between Harry and Meghan. The children were so excited; we had our celebrations, we sang along to songs, we played traditional British games and we learnt all about the special event. The children took turns walking down the aisle and acting out the royal wedding. We even had a special Royal Picnic in the patio.


Blue and Green Class have been reading Supertato, recreating the story and saving the world from the evil pea. The children designed their own super heroes, made their potatoes into “supertatos” and gave them the best superpowers to fight evil. ¡Squash, squish, pop! The evil pea stood no chance against our superheroes. The children acted out the scenes and gave voice to the heroes in their fight to save the veggies. We all had so much fun.

Stay and Messy Play

At the end of April we invited our children's families back to school once again for a Stay and Play session, but this time with a twist... Stay and Messy Play! We wanted to show them all the different kinds of activities we do at school and how much learning we get from these activities.... and also that it is OK to get messy! Everyone joined in with the variety of activities we had arranged and everyone got messy as well!

A fun and messy time at Elche Seniors

The children had a fantastic time during our latest visit to Elche Seniors, this time to get messy (which we are very good at doing!) and do some finger painting! Even the youngest children in Yellow Class came to enjoy the fun this time!

Stay and Play

At the end of March we celebrated our first ever Stay and Play session with the parents of KISE. This was a session where parents/carers/family members were welcomed into school to see their children in their learning environments, play with them and get a chance to see the fantastic work the children have been doing this year. So many families came and there were lots of smiles on everyone's faces!
We plan to do many more of these in the future!


Jack and the Beanstalk

Once upon a time there was a class that sold a cow for some magic beans… Blue and Green Class have been planting ‘magic’ beans as part of our Core Text: Jack and the Beanstalk.  Will they grow into a beanstalk to reach the Giant’s castle? Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum!

Chinese New Year

We celebrated Chinese New Year here at KISE with a guest speaker to tell us all about the traditions, origins and celebrations of the Spring Festival, teach us some Chinese words and make some Chinese themed crafts with us. Xin Nian Hao!

Dough Disco Delight at Elche Seniors

Our second visit to Elche seniors, the retirement home opposite our school, has been a great success. We put on some music and everyone joined in our Dough Disco activity.  All shapes and designs made possible through the precision crafting of our home made play dough. What a lovely way to share some time with the residents of Elche Seniors while we play together.

Superheroes save the day!

When Elche is in peril, threatened by the powers of evil, and at the mercy of dark forces… Who will be there to save us? Who will rise up to the challenge and show no fear? Blue class will!
Blue Class has had a super week with superhero activities and stories. We have even made our own superhero disguises. Masks, capes, excellent English pronunciation… Evil will have no chance when our superheroes from Blue Class turn up to save the day.

Finger Lights

Burning up the dance floor in our multipurpose room, Yellow Class has been pulling out all the moves dancing with our finger lights. With small LED lights on the tips of their fingers, Yellow Class takes the disco with them wherever they go.  With all our favourite songs, everybody joins in. Brilliant fun to unwind and let out some extra energy!

Goldilocks wouldn’t go hungry at KISE!

Green Class has been busy reading and recreating the story of Goldilocks and the three bears this week. By carefully mixing the different ingredients and following the instructions our little chefs have been able to make the perfect porridge! Not too hot… Not too cold… Just right, it even satisfied their appetite!

KISE's First Christmas Show

We were delighted to welcome our families to school to watch our first ever Christmas Show. The children danced and sang fantastically and especially enjoyed wearing the Christmas hats they had made in class. We can't wait until our next performance! 
From everyone at KISE we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Year 1 KCA visits KISE

Everyone at KISE had been practising very hard for our upcoming Christmas performance. We were delighted to invite the Year 1 children from KCA to come and watch our show to practise before the big performance for our parents. The Year 1's came over on a bus and were very excited. Everyone enjoyed the performance and we especially enjoyed sharing snack time together and showing them our new climbing frame. What a super morning! We hope you can come back soon. 

Santa come to visit

It was a chilly morning late in December and the children of KISE suddenly heard a jingle bell... what could it be? Who could be coming? We followed the noise and suddenly heard a 'ho ho ho'! It was Santa!! Everyone was so excited. We sang him songs we know about Santa and then were so lucky to receive a present from him. We are all feeling very Christmassy and ready for the holidays!

A Christmas Visit to Elche Seniors

On the 14th of December the children were very excited to be visiting Elche Seniors, the retirement home opposite our school. We carefully walked there and once there got our Christmas hats ready to perform our Christmas Show. The children sang beautifully and waved hello to all the elderly people there. The audience were fantastic and thoroughly enjoyed the show, with everyone joining in with the song Feliz Navidad at the end. It was so heartwarming to see the children and elderly people interacting and we will be visiting monthly in the future. 

Teddy Bear's Picnic at KCA

Blue and Green Class were extremely excited about our trip to KCA for a Teddy Bear's picnic. We were very sensible getting the bus and happily sung lots of songs on the way. When we arrived we met all the Reception children at KCA and had lots of fun playing games and singing songs! We then ate the sandwiches that Green class had carefully made for us at school before getting the bus back to KISE. What a great day we had! 

Yellow Class Picnic on the moon

Yellow Class had a fantastic morning reading the story of Whatever Next, making their own jam sandwiches and then flying to the moon to have a picnic! The children were so excited and when the rest of the school returned from their picnic at KCA were eagerly telling us in English that they had been to the moon! 

Fantastic Learning in November

Green Class have had a super month in class. We have been learning lots of new vocabulary in English through our Core Texts, and have been practising writing sentences in phonics and English lessons. In our creative curriculum we have learnt about animals and their habitats and Space following our core text and also the children's interests. Today we have made Jam sandwiches for the whole school ready to take with us on our first school trip to KCA tomorrow! We are all very excited. Pictures to follow! 

A Bear Month in Nursery

Nursery have had a wonderful 'Bear' filled month with our Core Texts being Bear Hunt and Peace at Last. The children have been learning in lots of different ways, making pictures, role playing the stories, using instruments to sing a long, jumping in puddles and lots more. To end the month we will be joining the Reception classes at our sister school in Alicante to have a Teddy Bear's Picnic all together! Pictures to follow! 

Super Mark Making!

Pre Nursery Yellow Class have been exploring lots of different ways to make marks this month in KISE. Outside painting, using different materials and objects to mark with... and having lots of fun and getting messy of course!! I think we have a few artists in the making here! 

A Visit from the Ambassador

We were delighted to welcome Simon Manley, the British Ambassador to Spain to our school on the 22nd of November. We were proud to show him the progress we have made at school and how fanstastically the children are doing. Simon was 'delighted to visit the latest jewel in the King's Group crown'! 

A Spooky Halloween!

What a spooky Halloween we enjoyed at KISE! The children and teachers all came to school dressed as scary characters and we did some fantastic art activities to make the school super spooky. Our core song and core text for the week before Halloween were Incy Wincy Spider and Room on the Broom which really got us in a spooky mood! Everyone loved our Halloween party we had altogether playing apple bobbing, donuts on a string and even drawing scary faces on our afternoon snack! 

Official School Inauguration

On Tuesday the 24th October we celebrated the official opening of King’s Infant School, Elche. We welcomed Sir Roger Fry and the Mayor of Elche as well as parents to join us in our celebrations. Mateo from Yellow Class Pre Nursery, the first pupil who signed up to attend the school, was given a special mention during the ceremony and a plaque was revealed in the entrance hall to mark the occasion. We are all very proud to be part of such an exciting new venture and are eager to see the school continue to grow and prosper.

Nature is all around!

Lots of children in all classes have recently been very interested in nature and the world around them, especially when finding insects on the patio! We worked together to provide a nature garden for the children to use to observe the things that live and grow there and provide many opportunities to explore their curiosities. The children were very excited and look daily to see what they can find in the garden.

World Mental Health Day 2017

On the 10th of October KISE celebrated World Mental Health Day. We learnt lots of things like practicing meditation, some yoga moves and lots of sensory activities through art therapy. Everyone especially enjoyed the array of sensory activities the teachers had set up outside like bubble blowing, moon sand, corn flour gloop, ice painting and sensory bottles. We ended the day by drawing things that make us happy. We will definitely be repeating this day again next term!

Green fingers!

The children in KISE were very excited to get planting this month. We have turned the big space on our patio into our very own herb garden. Everyone carefully took turns smelling each plant and touching the leaves to see what they felt like. We then worked together to dig holes in the soil. When we took each plant out of its pot everyone was very fascinated by the roots underneath the soil. We then planted each plant and practiced lots of English by following instructions! We will take it in turns to water and look after our garden, come and visit when you can!

Celebration Assemblies

Last Friday we celebrated our first ever assembly in KISE. Everybody was very excited! We listened very carefully as two children were presented with a special certificate for the super work they have been doing so far in school. We then sung a song together, and as it is getting close to Halloween we sung a spooky Halloween song! Well done to Valentina in Blue Class and Anni in Green Class who were awarded certificates. We look forward to many more assemblies together in the future!

King's Infant School Elche- Our Welcome Rainbow

During our first month the children from Pre Nursery to Year 1 made lots of hand prints in many different colours. We made this into the welcome rainbow that can be seen in the entrance area of our school. We chose to have a rainbow to represent KISE to celebrate everyone's differences, working together and being kind to each other. Underneath and around the rainbow are all the members of our school family. Next time you are at school, please come and have a look! 

A super start in Reception and Year 1

In Green Class the Reception and Year 1 children have made a brilliant start to their year at KISE. New friendships have been made and lots of learning through their environment and different activities. We have started learning our phonics sounds, practising saying the sound of the letter and writing them as well. We have especially enjoyed our first Core Text- Brown Bear and were even able to make and record our own versions of the story! 

Nursery Start School!


Nursery have made a fantastic start to their school life at KISE and we are really happy with how the children have settled in. They are enjoying exploring their new classrooms and environments and lots of fun things to do. Their core text for the first two weeks was ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?’ They are fantastic at retelling the story and knowing all the animals names and colours. They also enjoyed the fantastic activities in the classroom, especially finding the animals from the story with a magnifying glass. 

A Super First Month in Pre Nursery


Pre Nursery have had a super first month in their brand new school! All the children have settled in really well and are all getting used to the new routines. They have been exploring their new environments as well as enjoying some wonderful activities. One of their favourites has been exploring colour names and getting nice and messy whilst exploring it! They have also loved their ‘Squiggle While You Wiggle’ sessions developing their motor skills through dancing and mark making. Lots of smiles from everyone!