• How many pupils will there be in each class?
    On average , there are 12 children per class in King’s Infant School, Elche, with a capacity for around 20 children per class as the school grows.


  • Which curriculum does the school follow?
    The English National Curriculum.


  • Are the teachers British?
    All academic staff teaching the English National Curriculum are qualified British teachers, with the exception of some of the language teachers, who are native speakers. Those teaching Spanish language are qualified native Spanish teachers.


  • What language do the pupils speak in the playground?
    On the whole most of our pupils speak Spanish in the playground, so new children joining the school with little or no knowledge of the language generally pick it up very quickly. English is the language of the classroom.


  • Will my child learn Spanish?
    All pupils at King’s College study Spanish. Spanish pupils are required to take a minimum number of Spanish classes per week, the frequency and number depending on their age. Non-Spanish speakers are taught Spanish as a foreign language at all ages.


  • What other languages are available?
    Once pupils are older, at King’s College Alicante they can study French and German to GCSE and GCE A Level. Chinese is available as an optional class.


  • Is religion part of the curriculum?
    At King’s College schools pupils learn about all aspects of religious beliefs and cultures throughout the world. We celebrate the traditional aspects of Christianity eg through our Carol Concerts.


  • How much homework is set?                                                                                                                                                        This depends on the age of the pupil.  As a general rule, in Early Years children will start to bring home reading and number homework during Reception.In the Key Stage One children will be expected to read regularly at home (English and Spanish), they will have weekly spelling words to learn and will be set some basic maths homework, much of the homework will be set using online resources.


  • Is it possible to study at King’s College for one term only?                                                                                                      The minimum time we can normally accept pupils is for one whole academic year.


  • How well do new international pupils adapt to the school?
    Pupils at King’s College are used to welcoming newcomers and on the whole are very friendly and helpful. The Heads of the different departments make sure that “buddies” are always on hand to show newcomers the ropes at first. However, much depends on the attitude of the new pupil and how willing he/she is to make new friends and join in with the rest.


  • How do I go about applying for a place for my child?
    The first step in the admissions process is to send an enquiry form or by contacting the Admissions Department directly.The procedures for admission vary slightly according to the age of the candidate (please see Admissions) but in the Infant School parents are required to provide reports from any previous school of origin.


  • Does King’s College accept pupils with little or no English?
    We take children with no English between the ages of 2 and 4.