Our policy throughout the admissions process is to allocate the appropriate placement for the candidate so that he/she may benefit fully from the education we offer.

The procedure for admission to the school varies according to the age of the candidate.


Infant Department


Pre-Nursery (age 2 to 3)                          Pupils entering our Pre-Nursery class are children who have their second birthday before 31st December of the year of entry. Pupils applying for entry to Pre-Nursery are required to come to visit the school with their parents.

Foundation Stage 

(age 3 to 5)

Pupils applying for entry to the Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception) are required to come to the first visit with their parents and to bring past school reports (if applicable). Children applying for Nursery and Reception places are not required to have any prior knowledge of English.
 Key Stage 1 (age 5 to 7) For entry into Year 1 and Year 2, pupils are assessed by the Head of Primary. For entry into Year 3, children will take tests in Non Verbal Reasoning, Maths and Writing. Applicants for both year groups will be asked to provide past school reports. At this age they will be expected to know how to read and write in English.


Official Documentation (all applicants)

Online or paper application form (this will be provided by the Admissions Department)

  • A photocopy of either; the birth certificate, identity card or passport of the child.
  • A photocopy of the identity document of both parents.
  • A photocopy of the identity document of the account holder who will be accountable for school fees if this is not the child’s parent.
  • An official medical certificate indicating the child has no infectious or contagious diseases.
  • One passport size photograph.
  • Certificates from previous schools attended, if any.