Please Note: For pupils older than 7 years old wishing to apply for a place at King’s College, we would encourage you to apply to King’s College Alicante. King’s Infant School in Elche only caters to pupils aged until 7 years old, however in Year 3 pupils from Elche naturally migrate to King’s College Alicante to continue their studies,


Year Born Age King’s College Class Spanish Education (LOMCE) US Education
2018-2019 18 m – 3 yrs Pre-Nursery
2017 3-4 Nursery 1º Ed. Infantil
2016 4-5 Reception 2º Ed. Infantil
2015 5-6 Year 1 3º Ed. Infantil
2014 6-7 Year 2 1º Primaria 1st Grade