It takes a community

Parents are an important part of school life. As well as meeting teachers every term to discuss your child’s academic and social progress you will also be invited to a wide range of social events. These include concerts, plays, sports days, coffee mornings and fetes. Parents can meet one another, make new friends and talk to teachers. When your child starts at King’s College your whole family joins the King’s College community.

Charity begins at home

We are proud of the effort that all of our schools dedicate to raising money for charities. Every year we raise thousands of Euros, Pounds and Dollars for various good causes. We are even more proud however, of the contribution that our pupils make once they have grown up. Whether through fundraising, voluntary work or individual projects, King’s College alumni continue to think of others and the wider world throughout their lives.


“In 2004 I was part of a pioneering expedition to Nexapa, Mexico; this proved to be the single most important event during my time at King’s College. It not only helped me to win a place at the London School of Economics, but also formed me as a person and my understanding of the world, in such a meaningful way that it has entirely shaped my professional career.”

Dani Malave Cortez, finished his studies at King’s College, Soto de Viñuelas in 2005 to become a Project Manager for Tearfund in the Democratic Republic of Congo


“We came to King’s at a crucial stage in my sons’ education; the transition was seamless, and my children settled in extremely well. Staff, including the Head Teacher, were readily available to air any concerns and I was very impressed by how well the King’s team had gotten to know each of my sons. The school really involves you in your child’s education and the pastoral care is exceptional, thus providing a strong partnership to nurture your child towards achieving his or her fullest potential.”
Michelle Heath, Parent of two pupils at King’s College Murcia