Welcome to King’s Infant School Elche, without doubt the best choice to begin your child’s educational journey.
As a parent myself, and as an experienced headteacher in several successful schools, I am keenly aware of the importance attached to finding the right school for your child especially at the first stages of their education. Every child matters and every child deserves the best we can possibly provide. At King’s College we believe that our lovely new school in Elche is equipped and staffed to ensure just that. Our well trained experienced staff are following their vocation, and our shared passion, to unlock and nurture the rainbow of talents possessed by all young people.

We encourage learning through play and draw on children’s natural curiosity to share the enjoyment of discovering new facts and asking questions. We constantly feed that sense of wonder and fascination so prevalent in rapidly developing minds. Importantly, we embrace the fact that children learn in different ways. Our curriculum is planned to stimulate and challenge with variety and structure and, above all, ensures daily enjoyment. Happy learners are successful learners, and I hope that every day our pupils return home with enthusiastic reports of the stories they have been read, the tunes they have heard, the sums they have solved or the games they have played. PE and games are important too as is pastoral care which I believe is a particular strength of all our schools. Being fulfilled, feeling cared for and being happy both going to and coming home from school mean so much, and we never lose sight of those priorities.

All schools have their own unique feel and sense of community. King’s Infant School Elche is no exception and I urge you to see and feel for yourself the genuinely happy and harmonious environment we are building with care and pride. Here you will see the same excellence and warmth for which King’s Alicante is renowned and I hope you will want your children to join others in our thriving family as their educational adventure begins.
Of course I am happy to meet you personally to talk more about our school, as are all our staff, and thank you for your interest.

Iain Blaikie | Headteacher